Artist Hazem Giballi Unveils “IT’S WRITTEN IN THE SKY” Exhibition This Thursday In Los Angeles


The University of Kanasas graduate is scheduled to present his first exhibition “IT’S WRITTEN IN THE SKY” at the HNYPT in downtown Los Angeles Thursday, July 21st. Giballi is an Egyptian-American contemporary artist who focuses on large scale paintings that evoke feelings of action, passion and structured chaos.

Growing up in a tight-knit family, he looked up to his father who worked as a professor and his older brother who works in finance. To follow in their footsteps, Giballi pursued a degree in finance/business administration, where he uses that background to manage fellow Jayhawk and Sacramento King shooting guard, Ben McLemore.

Having worked in other forms of art such as photography, shooting editorials and in fashion. He knew painting was always what he loved, even admitting “I fell into it almost by accident but in reality I think it was fate.”

An Example of Giballi’s Artwork

In addition to architecture, painters such as Joan Miro’s minimal work, Cy Twombly, Salvador Dal serve as inspiration in his work. The 27-year-old always works with music on and doesn’t wear the traditional coveralls many painters wear, saying “when it comes time to paint, if I’m inspired, I don’t waste time changing.”

Giballi has gained steady traction in the past year and has his works in celebrity homes, such as Nick Young of the Los Angeles Lakers, along with other celebrity A-listers who unfortunately can’t be named at this time due to non-disclosure agreements. In anticipation of “IT’S WRITTEN IN THE SKY”, he has sold half of the works slated to go on display, a promising sign for the emerging artist.

For more information on the event check out

Follow Hazem:
on Twitter: @HazemGiballi
on Instagram: @HazemGiballi

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