Monday Memories – 2008 Olympics 4×100 Freestyle Relay AKA Michael Phelps Goes Ham

I love the Olympics. It gives me a excuse to sit on my couch for 2 weeks straight and watch sports like handball and trampoline. Sure, the IOC is corrupt, but I’m still going to watch America assert its dominance as the top dog in the world. That being said, gymnastics and swimming are the two best sports to watch. If you don’t agree, then I don’t trust your opinion.

2008 was the summer of Michael Phelps. The hype was real as he was looking to becomes the first olympian to win 8 Gold Medals at one Olympics. The fact that this was his SECOND event is bananas. Relays are where the drama exists. If Michael Phelps could swim all 4 legs of the race, everyone in the world would put money on him to win. That being said, Phelps started off the race and wasn’t even in first when he finished his leg of the race.

Not to have a swimming boner, but this race gives me chills. The name Jason Lezak will never leave my head. Dan Hicks screaming “HERE COMES LEZAK” still gets me amped.

But no one and I mean no one was more amped than Michael Phelps.

Credit: CBSSports
Credit: Pinterest

It must be nice to be the greatest Olympian ever. Time to eat ice cream and watch swimming. Peace.

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