John Daly Looks Like An Absolute Rockstar in His 30 For 30 Trailer

Grip it and Rip it. 30 for 30 has another winner on its hands with this John Daly movie. Talk about a charismatic superstar. Daly is pure electricity. People him might look at him now as the guy with the funny pants, but back in the day, he was a certified rockstar. Alcohol, Cigarettes, Gambling, Women, Partying, Drugs. This is the same John Daly that smashed the windshield of his RV after a missed cut. Did I mention John Daly plays golf? It’s a shame to see that addiction took up a part of his life because he was extremely talented. No one used to hit it farther than John Daly. No one. He’s definitely no slouch. Daly was the ninth and final alternate for the 1991 PGA Championship, a major championship that he ended up winning. Add another British Open and you got a 2 time major winner. Not many golfers can say that.

The man was entertaining and this 30 For 30 should be no different. Hit hard.


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