Last Night, J.R. Smith Reminded Everyone Why He’s Our Favorite Player


Every J.R. Smith related article will begin with the pipe DMs above, just to remind everyone that Earl Joseph Smith III really is the GOAT. On to last night. J.R. is known for doing a ton of mind-boggling stuff on the floor, from untying shoe laces, eating cotton candy, fadeaway threes and more. The 31-year-old legend added to the list in a 118-11 loss to the Milwaukee Bucks last night. During the middle of play, Smith went over to the Bucks bench to dap up Jason Terry, who I thought he had beef with, while Tony Snell cut to the basket for the easiest bucket of his career. Cavalier teammates did not look to be too happy with the sniper. Check it out below.

The former New York Knick’s post-game comments may have been better than the play itself. As J.R. went into his alter-ego, which he refused to reveal the name of.

Man, do I miss J.R. Smith in a Knicks uniform, even though he’s having a rough start to the 2016 season (who didn’t see that coming after the “summer of J.R.). There will never be another human in the NBA like him. Never change fam!


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