I Just Fainted After Watching The Fate Of The Furious Aka Fast 8 Trailer


So as our resident Fast and Furious writer, I figured I would give a short review of the trailer.


I am jacked up after watching the trailer. It was like a 3 minute action movie that got my juices flowing and made me fire up Need For Speed on PS2. That trailer was everything you wanted and more. I got my unrealistic action sequences. Did you see the submarine scene?!? I got my car chases, got a few “We’re Family” references, and got to see the gang back together.

Did I mention a Vin Diesel heel turn?

I LOVE this move. Keeps the series going for this final triology. Makes things interesting because if you have a brain, you would know that Dominic Toretto make every decision for the benefit of his family. He has to be getting blackmailed, but for what? My out of the book guess: His mom is alive and being held hostage. Since Dom’s dad is dead, I feel that a mother would be all it takes for Dom to turn on Letty, Roman, and the rest of the crew.

April can’t come soon enough.


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