Vin Diesel, Yes, VIN DIESEL, Put Out A Song With Selena Gomez and Kygo And I’m Hooked

Is there anything this man can’t do?

When I saw “Vin Diesel singing,” I dropped everything and ran to my computer. Vin Diesel singing has become a “Where were you” type of moment. The man is pure gold behind the mic. He makes you laugh. He makes you cry. He makes you weak in the knees. He makes you want a deep voice. I mean have you ever heard this man sing “Stay” by Rihanna. If you don’t bump his rendition on Valentine’s Day, do you even care about your significant other?

Now, Vin announced that he’s on the remixed version of Kygo and Selena Gomez’s “It Ain’t Me.”

The original track is going to be on your car radio very shortly, but this remix with Vin Diesel will be exclusively on my iPod nano and I will play it 100 times. You better believe that the next time I take a spin in my baby blue Volkswagen convertible beetle, I’m going top down, wind in my hair, with Vinny D, Kygo, and Selena on full blast. That is a fact and you should do the same.

This track better be in Fast 8. I’m thinking it should be in the credits scene to give us something to hold us over until Fast 9. Too amped right now.

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