Daily Mix Report Podcast Episode 26 – United Memes, Joey Diaz, NBA MVP And The Jersey Shore


Another day, another ridiculous and funny episode from the DMR.

We started off with what everyone is talking about, the United passenger. The guys debated if they would give up their seat. From there, the DMR talked about how they went viral (Thanks Sap) so let’s see if they can keep this momentum…maybe.

Other topics include the Fate of the Furious, a great MVP debate between Harden and Westbrook (Fear the Beard) and how we miss the Jersey Shore on TV.

We’ll leave you with this hypothetical: If you could take 3 people with you on Spring Break to form a Wolfpack, who would it be?

For me, easy: Leonardo Dicaprio, Bradley Cooper, and Gronk. Throw me into the mix and we’re cooking with gasoline as we island hop in the Caribbean.

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