Lonzo Ball Pokes Fun At LaVar Ball In New Commercial, Confirms My Stance As A Big Baller



Self-awareness and being able to make fun of yourself is such a skill that not many athletes and celebrities possess. It makes them “human.” I absolutely hate when people can’t take a joke. It sucks when athletes try to be super serious all the time and can’t laugh at themselves. Then, when they try to make a joke, it’s not funny whatsoever.

Well, this is the exact opposite. Good for Lonzo Ball. This commercial was hilarious. “That moment when your dad copyrights your name to make it apart of a family lifestyle brand.” Who the hell does that? Perfect delivery and execution by Lonzo. Plus, it shows just how crazy his life has been up to this point.

Whether you love or hate his father, Lonzo seems to be a real likable kid. He’s kept his mouth shut through all of LaVar’s antics. In fact, he’s never even told his dad to shut up or tone it down a notch. Lonzo just lets LaVar be LaVar and honestly, that seems like the best thing to do because there’s no stopping him.

I was a Big Baller before. I’m now a Big Baller more than ever and I think Lonzo just gained a lot of fans.

Still the best gif ever.

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