Has Anyone Had A Better Month Than Rita Ora?

I’ve been meaning to write this article for awhile. After seeing her perform at the Teen Choice Awards last night and watching her go Sneaker Shopping today, I had to strike while it’s hot.

Rita Ora is on fire.

Rita Ora has always been on my radar. For starters, she’s from London so I’m already more than in. Accents are my kryptonite. My dream is to marry someone from outside the country. I legit freeze up if I hear girls with accents. I also freeze up with girls in general, but that’s a different story.

Anyway, I was minding my own business a few weeks ago on Instagram and LordTree sent me a pic in one of our many Gram Chats. This was the picture.

hawt saowce 🇯🇲

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It takes a lot for my jaw to drop, but my jaw went throught the basement. I actually stopped and put down my phone. Holy Shit. Rita with a HAYMAKER on the gram. The punches did not stop there.

Can't really swim 🇯🇲

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Thank you @rockhousehotel

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Rita Ora has and always will be beautiful. But sometimes, you just need to reach back and throw a 99 MPH fastball to remind the public that you’re an alpha. This is alpha behavior and I could not be happier.

Rita has also been working on some new music. It’s crazy that she’s only put out ONE album in her career. She hasn’t put out an album since 2012, but a lot of that has had to do with legal trouble with Roc Nation. However, they reached a settlement in 2016 and she’s starting to put out some new stuff like Your Song and Lonely Together with Avicci (Avicci is BACK!!!!!!) I’ve liked her stuff before and this new stuff is right up my alley.

Gotta tip the cap for I Will Never Let You Down.

Honestly, Rita Ora just seems like a really chill chick who likes to wear sneakers, put out pop jams, and be an overall good time. Now, with new music, a TV gig, and haymakers on Instagram, it’s time to buy stock on the 26 (!!!!!!) year old if you already have not!


Me after the longest day ever (trying to be cute lol)

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