Mike Francesa Update: Will Leave As Orginally Planned on December 15



I never wanted someone to change their mind more than Mike Francesa. Last week, I said that Mike had to and will stay at WFAN in light of the Craig Carton Ponzi scheme scandal. Mike said he would never turn his back on the station and I felt that it made sense for him to stay some the new Morning Show with Boomer can get some time to develop.

Take everything I said and tear it up. Today, Mike officially announced he’s sticking to his original plan of leaving the station at the end of the year, with his last show coming on Dec. 15.

There you have it. The Francesa Farewell Tour continues on. I truly thought Mike was going to stay at least one more year, but it looks like his mind is set on leaving. In other words, his next gig is lined up. Whether that’s Sirius or subscription based podcasting, only time will tell.

That being said, Mike has been giving us GOLD these past two days. First, Mike went after Penn State’s James Franklin for choosing to ice the kicker while up 56-0. “A HAWSE’S ASS!”

Today, Mike is calling for Ben McAdoo’s head, and in particular, his haircut.

The Pope continues to do things his way. NUMBAH ONE.

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