Shane McMahon Is The Craziest Person To Ever Live, Jumps Off Of Hell In A Cell



Here comes the moneyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Here we go. Here comes the moneyyyyyyyy. Shane O Mac. Holy shit, this man is the craziest person to ever live and once again, he proved it last night at WWE’s Hell In A Cell. You have to be an absolute psychopath to jump from the 20ft high cell. You couldn’t pay me. You can’t have any fear because if you miss your landing, you are actually screwed. Shane does not know what “fear” is. Shane is 47 years old and he’s still putting his life on the life every so often just to see if he can continue to cheat death like a Final Destination movie. Shane can still reach back and throw the 99 MPH heater in order to steal the show.

I would love to hear the conversation he has with his father, Vince McMahon, when a crazy stunt is brought up. Is it Shane’s idea or does Vince peer pressure him into doing it?

“Shane, I need you to jump from the top of the cell.”
“Dad, I don’t think I can.”
“Please Shane, you can do this bud.”
“I don’t know dad.”
“I love you son.”
“Ok, I’ll do it.”

Whatever those two say to each other, it works. Here’s more Shane O Mac stunts to get you through your morning.

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