Fans Thank Mike Francesa For WFAN Run At Last Sunday Football Show In Long Island

Mike Francesa’s 30-year run at WFAN comes to a close Friday afternoon at 6:30 P.M. once he signs off for the final time it will be the end of one of the most successful careers in radio history. Mike’s Sunday Football Show had been a staple throughout the years, hosting one final show at Mulcahy’s in Long Island last Sunday (December 10).

Two members of the DailyMixReport were on the scene (LordTreeSap and Joe From Yonkers) to take it all in. Hundreds of Mongos came out in droves as some said they waited on line outside the large restaurant from 6 A.M.. Mike has meant a lot to us, as  you can tell, we’ve pumped out content documenting his finals days in recent weeks.

As an official thank you to Mike, we put together a video commemorating the event and interviewed a few members of Francesa’s die-hard fanbase to get their thoughts on Mike leaving WFAN.

From the DMR we want to send a heartfelt thank you for everything Mike, we’ll all be listening today, as the end of one of the great eras concludes. New York City won’t be the same, “no more FAN.”



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